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All corrections facilities have their own rules for which publications are allowed, and which ones are not. The reasons for not allowing a specific publication vary, but usually involve the security of the institution. Challenging the Literary Review Council, which is the group that decides which books are rejected, is not likely to change the status of a rejected book unless the publisher has removed the offending section of the book, which is generally unlikely to happen.

We would like to believe that books are not rejected simply because they do not fit the mainstream idea of what a religious book is, or how mainstream religions are defined. This site is not here to fight the system, but rather, to inform you, the family member, relative, or friend of an incarcerated Wiccan, or the rare incarcerated Wiccan who is able to access the internet, about what books are acceptable to be received by Wiccan inmates.

Be sure to check our Prison Book Services Page for listings of places that send free books to inmates.