For Families of Pagan Prisoners

The loving families of incarcerated pagans

Circles Behind Bars is a labor of love. We don’t make any money from this site, and in fact, we have to pay to host it. It’s actually not here for incarcerated Wiccans, but rather, it’s here for their families and friends, to be used as a resource for those incarcerated Wiccans and Pagans.

Typically, those who are incarcerated cannot access the internet, at least not legally, so they must rely on their people on the outside. This site was created so you, their family and friends, can locate resources, can track down books, so you can learn what they are all about. We have lessons that can be printed out, and book lists, and information that can be provided to the chaplains that work in the prison systems around the country and the world. Please take a minute to check out our Introduction to Wicca, our list of DOC Approved Books, and don’t forget the Wiccan Resources section.

Please use this site to help those Wiccans and Pagans that are behind bars. And help us by making suggestions, providing feedback and links, and helping us to make this site a community of sorts. You can start by leaving us feedback right here: