CirclesBehindBars.org provides resources for incarcerated Wiccans, free Wicca Study guides, information on approved Wiccan books, Wiccan videos, and a Wiccan Religious Technical Guide (RTG) for prison chaplains.

Wiccan fellowship is important to incarcerated Wiccans.

Mainstream religions provide services and programs for those who are incarcerated, but there are very little services for Wiccan and Pagan prisoners. Volunteers are hard to come by, and organizations often simply do not have the resources to respond to those incarcerated pagans who write them. Most prisoners do not have access to the internet, and it is often difficult to obtain Wiccan publications even when a family member orders them, due to the security restrictions of the facility that often cause the publication to be rejected.

This resource is for those who are incarcerated, or more specifically, for their family, friends and supporters, so that they will be able to pass on these resources, or make connections with those who may be able to help them. It is also for the wonderful chaplains who serve in prisons, so they may be more fully informed about Wicca and Paganism, so they may be more able to accommodate their Wiccan inmates.

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