Resources for Incarcerated Wiccans

CirclesBehindBars: Resources for Incarcerated Wiccans

Incarcerated Wiccans are, like members of any other religion, legally allowed to practice their faith while they are incarcerated. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof .”

First Amendment of the US Constitution

In spite of the 1st Amendment quoted above, those who are incarcerated are often not allowed to practice Wicca, and if they are, they are often very limited as to what they are able to do. It is difficult to receive Wiccan books and publications, and while mainstream religions are well represented within prison, Wiccans rarely have the opportunity to have outside sponsors. Often prison chaplains, who have a very challenging job in any case, do not fully understand the Wiccan faith, and just don’t know what to expect from Wiccan inmates, let alone how to facilitate the practice of the Wiccan faith within the prison system. CirclesBehindBars is here to fill the void, to provide Wiccan inmates, their families, and prison chaplains with resources to allow those Wiccans who are incarcerated to practice their faith. With that, Merry Meet!

We’d like to welcome our newest contributor, Stefan Miedzinski. Stefan has been involved with Wicca and Paganism for most of his adult life, and is actively involved with helping incarcerated Pagans through community action, volunteer work, and contributing to this website. You can reach Stefan at stefan @ (remove the spaces in the email address).